Site area:

310 ha


Alekseyevka settlement, Nadezhdinskiy municipal district of Primorskiy Krai.

Year of implementation:

start of implementation – 2020

In the design phase is a multifunctional eco-project of the site development that provides building of a golf club, residential and commercial real estate as well as creation of a recreational zone. The project is quite large-scale and multi-format, so its implementation will take place in separate sequential parts. At the first stages of the project, a full-fledged golf club will be created, then – a rich recreational and entertainment component. The total duration of development of the site will make 22 years, including splitting into five main time phases. The concept of the project is not only effective for its developer but also has a significant effect on the economy of the region due to a significant amount of investment and the creation of new jobs.


The location on the map